Ashley Virden

Ashley was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, and now raising three beautiful children here as well. She is the founder of Education Freestyle, which is community of families who are learning, growing, and building together while healing and affirming who we are as parents and the role we play in and out of the school system. Education Freestyle was created to meet the critical need she noticed for an organization that genuinely encouraged and supported the choice herself and other parents have, and further encouraged them to participate in education in a way that best meets their children’s needs. 


Her primary goal is to create pathways to organize with other families to address inequities and shortcomings in the education system, and have their perspectives accounted for. Historically the diverse needs of parents across the education spectrum haven’t been accommodated equitably, leaving many to believe they don’t have a voice in a system that should be working for their families. She would like to help change that.


Ashley started a family engagement organization called PEAK (Parents and Educators Alongside Kids) in 2018 to get parents and educators at Tindley Summit to work together to create social capital events to encourage parent-teacher engagement. She also founded a city-wide organization called EmpowerED Families in 2020 to work together with other parents around the city to advocate for higher quality education.


When she’s not working alongside other parents or being a mom, she loves to explore the city, playing her saxophone, dancing,  painting, and working out.