Cemelli de Aztlan

Cemelli de Aztlan, a community organizer with La Mujer Obrera who is engaged in advocacy, grassroots community organizing and movement building to defend the earth and our most marginalized populations. As a mother, she advocated against school closures and demanded clean-up of contaminated public school playgrounds, joined parents on a week-long hunger strike encampment and organized parents during the covid crisis to demand safe schools.

The Central Labor Union honored her with the Outstanding Labor Achievement award in 2017 for serving as the lead organizer of the local labor rights border coalition. She was recently appointed to the EPA’s National Environmental Justice Advisory Council to represent the border community and address the negative environmental impacts of NAFTA. Cemelli received her Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University at Austin, and a Master in Divinity with a focus on Women in Religious Studies & Indigenous Religious Studies from Harvard University.