Jamilah Muhammad

Born and raised in Newark, NJ, Jamilah is an activist, advocate, organizer, and CEO of Parent Impact, an organization dedicated to providing resources that support families’ needs for greater outcomes in education and in their communities.


Having experienced first-hand the negative impact of failures in education as well as the benefits of quality education and social emotional support, Jamilah is committed to empowering parents to advocate for themselves and their families so they can give their children their best chance at thriving in school and beyond. Her advocacy began in middle school when she tutored a classmate struggling with illiteracy. Jamilah has spent more than thirty years volunteering, organizing, and campaigning for quality education, access to resources and funds, and safety—both emotional and physical—in schools and education systems.


As a single mother to a strong, driven, and aptly disruptive daughter, it is her mission to provide resources and spaces where parent and student voices are elevated and where they not only demand seats at tables where decisions and policies are made about them, but have the necessary tools and support to build their own. Jamilah holds a Communicator Certificate from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management from Berkeley College, having also advocated for patients’ rights, transparency in health records, and access to quality healthcare. When not fighting for parents and children, she enjoys reading, television, film, trivia, board, and card games. Jamilah is an experienced project manager, communicator, and trainer known for her astuteness and attention to detail but above all, she values people and relationships.