Jessica Bergeron

Dr. Jessica Page Bergeron has a PhD. in Special Education and currently serves as the Outreach Director for the Division of State Schools at GA Dept of Education. She started her career as a special education teacher at the Atlanta Speech School. She later moved into a research position at Georgia State University to conduct research and create a curriculum in early literacy for struggling readers and students with special needs. More recently, she held an executive position as the lead of innovation and learning for the nonprofit Operation HOPE, which provides financial education to families in need. Dr. Bergeron believes that parents are a huge key to student and school community success.


Her dissertation research studied opportunities for families to learn more about how to support literacy development at home. She has deep knowledge of special needs supports that can prevent challenges in school (rather than remediating challenges after they have already appeared), particularly for children with sensory disabilities and children with dyslexia. She also studied literacy development in diverse families with story-telling as an intervention to build language and vocabulary for families unable to access literacy in written English or Spanish. Dr. Bergeron has worked in education administration for 10+ years and has a clear understanding of developmental milestones for elementary learners, educational assessments, and how to use data to inform instruction/decision-making. She worked closely with the Rollins Center for Language & Literacy to develop the Read Right from the Start professional development training that is currently being implemented as a part of MCS’s literacy initiative.


Dr. Bergeron is a parent of a current 4th grader in MCS and a strong supporter of MCS programming. She has deep roots in the Cobb Co. community through advocacy and volunteerism. She has two older children and a passion for reading, gardening, and hanging out with friends.