Tramena O’Neil

Hello, my name is Tramena O’Neil and I am a mother of five children one deceased, I have four boys and one girl. I am a graduate from Martin Luther King Senior High in 1990 and I am a certified Notary for the State of Michigan. I work for the Detroit Public School Community District at Southeastern High School in Detroit, Michigan as a School Parent Outreach Coordinator.


I am also President of Detroit PTA/PTSA Council Area4 which I have 18 schools under my council, as well as PTSA Treasurer at Southeastern which my first son graduated from in 2011 and now my last son who’s in his Senior year this fall will be the class of 2023. I have been a Parent Leader since 2013 when I started as a volunteer, then PTA Secretary, then President. The District provided the opportunity for parents to become employees and that’s where we first were PAL Parent Action Leader receiving a stipend to a part time employee as a School Parent Action Leader.


I enjoy helping people and I enjoy the job that I do. I run a Parent Resource Center in the school where I have various of resources for my parents as well as the students, from housing to jobs. I have a small business that I am starting called Pretty N Scents, LLC and I will be making candles, body scrubs and body butters. I want to try to make every parent that I know voice counts for something and to let them know that they have the power to turn things around, it’s just  that  have to be willing to do the work and be fully committed,  I hope that I can be that motivation that they need to speak up and be heard.